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[Comments] (2) The Revenge: One of my go-to techniques for naming a sequel is to tack on "II: The Revenge" to the name of the original thing. But where did that come from? It seems like a generic sequel name, but it's really not used very often; the only thing I could find that had a sequel called "The Revenge" (as opposed to "The Revenge of [whatever]") is the game Double Dragon. Is that where I got it? Or does it seem like such a generic sequel name that nobody uses it for real?


Posted by Fafner at Fri Aug 21 2009 22:22

There's also Jaws: The Revenge, which was probably a bit more newsworthy than Double Dragon.

Posted by anonymous at Sat Aug 22 2009 06:55

Ah! It wasn't a numbered sequel so it didn't show up in my searches.


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