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[Comments] (2) : I'm going OK, just been quietly writing for still-secret upcoming project. I'm not sure why I had to re-learn this, but writing fiction is hard. Sumana is in San Francisco, so I live in temporary bachelordom, leaving the house only for food, fresh air, and social activities. Seen to the right is a typical meal for me.

As often happens when I'm writing, I don't really have any words left for you. I will say that the Yorick speech from Hamlet is really good if you can manage to read or listen to it with fresh ears. And congrats to Sam for being an Information Week Innovator/Influencor, and congrats to me I guess, since I'm mentioned in passing.


Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 19 2009 10:25

John, too, is in California again and I will be eating a lot of cereal.

Posted by Evan at Sun Jan 25 2009 19:52

hey that isn't milk !


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