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[Comments] (1) Per Se Mania: After a long delay I wrote captions for all the pictures I took at Per Se and put the gallery online. I don't think I want to go again because it was so damn expensive, but it was a good experience. And they really stuff you: after the dinner there was sorbet, then a dessert, then a supplementary dessert, then chocolates, then nougat and caramel candies and hard candies and truffles and hazelnuts.

S: This is a good, down to earth hazelnut.
L: It's the kind of nut you'd like to have with a beer.

And they gave us bags of cookies to take home as well.

Not pictured: the various breads they brought around in a basket (my fave: the pretzel bread), and a few of the drinks they poured/made for us as non-wine pairings.

While going through the menu, I made a list of all the foods and cooking terms I hadn't heard of before, with links that probably won't last long, but oh well:

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Posted by Evan at Sun Jan 25 2009 16:45

hey, that caramel candy was delicious

minor trivia:
another word for hazelnuts? 'filberts'


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