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[Comments] (3) External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Since I built the PVR about six months ago I've been using more storage space. Not only is there a lot of recorded TV, but I embarked on a recently-completed quest to rip all my DVDs[0], currently amounting to about a terabyte, and after a narrowly averted disaster I decided to get serious about keeping backups. This meant buying huge hard drives, which is always fun, but it also meant buying a bunch of "enclosures": ugly metal shells with SATA controllers (?) and USB interfaces. One enclosure per drive, costing a significant fraction of the cost of the drive.

But! Recently I discovered the BlacX non-enclosure, which accepts hard drives like huge Atari 2600 cartridges into its top-loading maw. To me it's the idea of the external hard drive taken to its logical conclusion: there's a hard drive, and it's not inside anything. Recommended.

[0] I had this naive idea that I would encode all the tracks on all my DVDs to AVI files to save space, but it turns out that takes forever, so it was more cost-effective to just shell out for a bigger drive and rip the whole DVDs. Not that any part of this project could be considered "cost-effective".


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