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[Comments] (6) Taking The NYC Out Of NYCB: Yes, it's true. We are moving to England in a couple weeks and staying for about a year. If you want to see us before we leave, now would be an excellent time to leave a comment or email me! Unless you live in England, in which case you should just wait a bit.


Posted by Brendan at Tue Nov 10 2009 23:51

Your third sentence there induced a sudden anxious need to visit you guys, but then I realized that this just increases the likelihood of my visiting England in the next year rather than decreasing my odds of seeing you. Good luck!

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Nov 11 2009 06:21

Ah, fellow dependent visa-holder! Just beware, there are a number of bizarre situations where the law will still assume that you're a housewife who wants to work part-time at a flower shop or something. The system isn't set up to handle skilled dependents very well (fortunately it only matters in a few odd situations).

Posted by Leonard at Wed Nov 11 2009 07:09

Tell me more of these "odd situations"!

Posted by rachel at Wed Nov 11 2009 11:21

I think Leonard *does* want to work part time in a flower shop...

bounce bounce bounce

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Nov 11 2009 11:50

Well they're mostly involved when you want to get some independence and move to a Highly Skilled Migrant Programmamy visa (it's changed names since). Everyone looks at you like you've got a bird on your head, because HEY MISTER IF YOU ARE SO HIGHLY SKILLED THEN WHY ARE YOU DEPENDENT??? HUH? ANSWER ME THAT ONE TOUGH GUY!

But if you're genuninely doing a temporary secondment sort of thing and have no plans to stick around, you shouldn't run into any of this rot.

Posted by kirkjerk at Thu Nov 12 2009 00:40

jimminy crickets!


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