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The Plot, Such As It Is, Thickens: Last year I mentioned, on the evidence of a Myspace page, that someone had started a Georgia rap group called "robot finds kitten". A few days ago I searched again and saw that the band had a playlist of four songs. I listened to them and the songs were really good! However, they were not raps. (The band robot finds kitten is now listed as "Hip Hop/Folk/Alternative".)

I was really proud that someone had started a non-bad band named after a game I wrote, and was trying to figure out how to contact this band without creating a Myspace account, and then I did a search on the song lyrics and discovered that all four songs are really by Neil Cicierega of the Massachusets band Lemon Demon, and were put up as "robot finds kitten" songs under different names. Cicierega is also known for creating Flash cartoons like "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" -- so well-known, in fact, that he's also notable.

So, it sucks that the "robot finds kitten" band is either a hoax or a plagiarism, but on the plus side it introduced me to some really great music. Those who like my music (I realize that this is a... select group) will also like Lemon Demon. And according to a message a few months ago to the rfk-dev mailing list, someone is starting a real band called "robotfindskitten".


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