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[Comments] (1) First Line Of A Novel: Free for all to use.

"This is the phone company! We have you surrounded!"

There's a novel I want to write that could have that as the first line, but it's #3 on the list of novels I want to write, and will probably be novel #3 for the rest of my life and never get written. So just dump that into your NaNoWriMo novel whenever you next get stuck.

Public Service Announcement: Susanna didn't know this, so maybe you don't either. You can treat canker sores with grapes or raisins. Cut the grape/raisin in half and put its internal organs against the sore. Hold it in place with your tongue for a couple minutes. The grape/raisin chemically cauterizes or coats the canker sore (I don't really know how it works, and Susanna doesn't want to experiment) so that it doesn't hurt. Then, you can eat the grape/raisin. It's nature's candy!


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