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[Comments] (4) : Sumana mentioned that the other night we went through Craiglist for entertainment. Eventually the well started running dry and we did searches in the personals for unlikely strings like "Linux". Well, "Linux" did uncover a thread in the "rants and raves section", in which a troll exhorted everyone 'DON'T USE "LINUX" SOFTWARE or BUY A LAPTOP WITH "LINUX" ON IT' because Linus Torvalds is an atheist and--stay with me here--therefore a worshipper of Satan.

There were a number of responses to this, covering almost the whole spectrum of possible responses: "Atheists don't believe that Satan exists." and "You are dumb." and my personal favorite:

First, what do you mean exactly by "Linux"? The entire OS, or just the kernel?

Torvalds created the kernel but not the operating system. The OS was written by Richard Matthew Stallman and his crew of volunteers, collectively known as the GNU project...

However, I was a bit disappointed not to see it pointed out that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs[0] also lack a God-belief, so really what choice do you have? You're screwed.

I really hope someone is archiving Craigslist for the future. It'll be a useful training corpus for turning emotionless, super-rational AIs into crazy, human-like AIs.

[0] Under the reasonable-to-me assumption that Jobs doesn't practice a theistic kind of Buddhism. Gates is clearly a "that's not an interesting question" agnostic. Fleeing to your Apple II? Not so fast--Steve Wozniak is a flat-out atheist.

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Posted by Susie at Tue Dec 15 2009 11:17

Haha, typically trolling.

Posted by rachel at Tue Dec 15 2009 11:39

craisglist = great fodder for historians of the future. that's a great bbk project.

Posted by Anirvan at Sun Dec 20 2009 11:50

Not an OS guy, but Larry Wall of Perl fame is a very out evangelical Christian, e.g. see http://www.techgnosis.com/wall1.html

Posted by Finite at Mon Dec 21 2009 23:31

Craigslist is archiving craigslist. If you login to post, they'll even show you all of your old posts!

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