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[Comments] (2) Nostalgiathon 2009: Best of Links January-June: Sorry to post so much stuff today, but I realized I'd better start putting up the end-of-year link posts, or else I might have to post some of them next year, which doesn't make any sense. Because I spent so much time on the novel, I've generally got less 2009 stuff than 2008 stuff: fewer new weblogs subscribed to, fewer links gathered, fewer photos taken. So here we go with links (culled from my and Sumana's shared del.icio.us feed) from the first half of 2009.


Posted by CastleZZT at Mon Dec 28 2009 07:18

That article on work in video games is quite interesting, although it seems to stray further and further from its point. When I look back at my own games, especially my last one before I stopped making games, my version of Town of ZZT (http://castlezzt.net/zzt.zip), I seem to have remarkably escaped this template, largely by being careless or inimical to the player. For instance, the game often tells you that you've won without actually ending, and when it does end it's generally by deliberately crashing for no good reason.

Posted by Fafner at Mon Dec 28 2009 20:16

These are some fantastic links.

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