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[Comments] (3) Audio Bonus #2: The International Year of Natural Fibres: Way back in January, our friend Martin pointed out that the UN had designated 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres. Sumana and I immediately spent an hour or so coming up with an anthem for the International Year of Natural Fibres. Which we never recorded.

Of course, what with projects like Keep the Fleece (creators of the world's longest scarf), the International Year of Natural Fibres didn't need any help from us. But we thought it would be a shame to let the International Year of Natural Fibres totally pass us by, so before natural fibres are crushed by the International Year of Biodiversity, enjoy the sixth crummy.com non-podcast podcast: Sumana and I giving our rendition of the INYoNF anthem.

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Posted by Jed at Thu Dec 31 2009 03:26

Nice song!

...Somehow I initially read the heading as saying this was the "Third Annual International Year of Natural Fibres."

Posted by Julia at Thu Dec 31 2009 15:04

I love the mp3! This makes me inordinately happy.

Posted by Asakiyume at Thu Dec 31 2009 16:45

Julia linked me here--love your theme song! It's perfect! Merriam-Webster used to put out a desk calendar which would give you all the wacky things that it was the day and month of (e.g., "today is subarctic lichen day!!" or whatever)

You might have a future in themes for all these memorable days, months, and years.


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