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[Comments] (3) Exemplary Cover Letter:

Dear Money Guy,

Sorry, I've had it out the arse with boring, yet professional, cover letters. And since the worst thing you can say is no, I figured what the hell. I hope you enjoy my 3500 word submission. But, if not, I look forward to hearing no from you soon. And feel free to be as brazen as you like. It's refreshing, I promise.

(I didn't buy the story, but I did publish the cover letter.)

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Posted by Rachel at Mon Feb 02 2009 05:56

hahahaha money guy!

Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 02 2009 09:41

that is awesome.

Posted by Brendan at Mon Feb 02 2009 11:05

That's how I'm addressing you for the next six months.


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