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: OK, something interesting happened, so I'll write about it. Last night Sumana and I went to a Jonathan Coulton concert, with opening act Paul and Storm. We saw Andrew of writing group and "Daisy" fame, and a bunch of people from tor.com were also there. And pretty much anyone there was someone we could have known if our lives had gone slightly differently.

I gotta say that, unlike Sumana, I've never been a huge Coulton fan. When it comes to nerd music I prefer the Front. I like about half of Coulton's songs but none with the intensity the fans last night showed. Plus, I hate going to concerts (I'm pretty sure the last concert concert I went to was this one.) And it didn't help that most of Coulton's songs are about the emotional state where you don't like going to concerts, so really what are you doing here?

But it was pretty fun, and Coulton's showmanship was excellent. ("This is my 'last' 'song!'" before engaging in the encore farce.) And afterwards we hung out with Andrew. And now it's the weekend, which I'll probably squander on useless stuff instead of laying out the anthology or anything productive.

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