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[Comments] (5) Leonard's Ultimate New York Food Business Ideas:

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Posted by kirkjerk at Wed Apr 15 2009 12:59

Ramps on a bagel?
Different than Bagels on an Onramp, I assume.


Posted by Leonard at Wed Apr 15 2009 13:14

Ramps are wild leeks. They're sold at the Greenmarket from the middle of April to the middle of May. The board in that picture has suggestions for how to cook them, written by the chefs (or produce gofers, at least) of all the fancy restaurants in town.

I first discovered them in 2007. They're delicious. It's like mild garlic in the shape of a green onion.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Wed Apr 15 2009 13:27

I foresee a problem with the milkshakes: it's always so frustrating to have the shake left slowly dribbling out as it detaches from the sides. It takes away the satisfaction and sense of completion. In a shot glass, the relative amount of shake that will slowly dribble out will be larger, due to the larger surface area to volume ratio.

Maybe a straw has a place in this scheme.

Posted by Brendan at Wed Apr 15 2009 16:20

I suggest coating the inside of each shotglass with butter. Also, replacing the "milk" with something that isn't an emulsifier. Cup problem solved!

Posted by Kris Straub at Thu Apr 16 2009 15:21

I thought "ramps" referred to how the bagel was cut, like you'd slice it in two but all jagged, like two gears that mesh. You could use cream cheese, leeks, capers and other things to make little bagel dioramas on each half, like a bento box. Sell for crazy profit! I call it Craz-Prof!!


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