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[Comments] (1) Infernokrusher!: Sumana reports that she was talking at WisCon to Jed Hartman about the story I sold to Strange Horizons (to be published in just a couple months). At one point Jed said "Ah! It's infernokrusher!" I thought this would be obvious from the title alone, but when I went searching for other infernokrusher stories online, I couldn't find any. Only jokes about hypothetical works. So you might reasonably not recognize a submitted infernokrusher story as such.

Is mine the first infernokrusher story to be sold? That can't be right. Prove me wrong. Examples predating the invention of infernokrusher grudgingly accepted. By browsing LibraryThing tags I've determined that John Varley's "Steel Beach" may be genuine infernokrusher, but most other things given that tag look like regular slipstream. Hey, if I don't have the expertise to slice music into sub-subgenres, I'll settle for fiction.

PS: I know infernokrusher is just a joke. Jokes are meant to be told.

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Posted by Jed at Thu May 28 2009 04:00

Yeah, in retrospect it's obvious that your story is Infernokrusher, but somehow I don't think I realized it until that conversation with Sumana. I'll have to ask Susan and Karen whether they noticed.

I have a feeling that at some point people listed some existing Infernokrusher works, but I don't remember where or who or what. I see that in comments on the original manifesto, Karen referred to "Bradbury's Farenheit 451, a landmark in early pre-protoinfernokrusherian fiction"--it certainly had the inferno part down, even if (as Dora later noted) it didn't really have Infernokrusher sensibilities.

And a later comment mentions Galactus, Darkseid, Dark Phoenix, the Hulk, and Godzilla as proto-IK characters. And so on.

But I don't know that anyone else has previously (a) set out to write an IK story, and then (b) sold it to a magazine. Well done!


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