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[Comments] (2) Nothing But Fun: My mother still shows up in my dreams. About a month ago I had one which had a recording of her instead of her being alive, which I guess is progress. (Over time, something similar happened with my father in dreams.) I wanted to tell you about it on the anniversary of her death.

The recording was from my mother's perspective. She was at a fair with Susanna. They were sitting in a Ferris wheel, dangling their feet in the air. The fair was noisy. My mother held some fair food in her left hand. I'm going to guess it was deep-fried cheesecake, because she liked cheesecake, and because of what she said to Susanna a few seconds after the recording started: "Nothing but rides, nothing but cheesecake, nothing but fun."

A couple seconds later she repeated it, and turned to look at Susanna. That's when the recording stopped.

Part of it is the fake realness that rubs off from a dream, but that seems like a right thing for my mother to say. If I were one who interprets dreams I'd say that that line constituted some kind of advice from my mother. But it was just the part of her that I remember coming out when the rest of me was asleep. And I can already feel that part start to fade.


Posted by Susie at Tue May 05 2009 21:58

that is really weird. I hope it wasn't advice for you. =P I think Mom was afraid of fair rides.

Posted by rachel at Wed May 06 2009 04:43

I would tell you about the dream I had yesterday but it takes up too much emotional energy


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