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[Comments] (6) : The margins are wider and Thoughtcrime Experiments is now available as a print-on-demand book from CreateSpace. It costs $5.09, which is the lowest price they'll sell it to you. We can order them for $3.05, and Sumana will be getting some of the cheap ones and selling them at WisCon for less, WisCon rules about the dealer's room and whatnot permitting. But $5 is the cost of an F&SF, so it's pretty cheap anyway.

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Posted by Brendan at Wed May 06 2009 16:22

Have you considered offering, say, a $12-$15 version in addition to this, with profits to be split among you and the authors? Or does the contract/license not permit that?

Posted by Leonard at Wed May 06 2009 16:36

The contract doesn't permit it, and I didn't make a contract that permits it because it's not worth it to me. We wouldn't make much money anyway and I don't want to have to mail out checks every quarter.

Posted by Kevan at Wed May 06 2009 18:26

Ow; $25 postage to the UK, or $40 if I want it before June.

Do print-on-demand places tend to understand and respect CC licencing, so that anyone can set up an order from scratch? (Or do they even care? I was a bit surprised by the guy who ordered a print-on-demand book of all the web pages he hadn't had time to read, the other month.)

Posted by Leonard at Wed May 06 2009 20:02

Either they won't care, or you should be able to make them understand it.

Posted by rachel at Thu May 07 2009 07:48

yeah I was gonna complain about the shipping to the UK


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