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[Comments] (2) : So far, Star Trek IV is the only original cast Trek movie that Sumana has wanted to watch in one sitting and stayed awake for the whole thing. Now on to Star Trek V! Just kidding. (Though I'm thinking of rewatching it to see if my previous musings on Sybok hold up.)

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Posted by pedro at Fri Jun 12 2009 11:19

It's like your conducting some kind of research: "2009/06/11 21:45: Subject seemed particularly energized by the Nuclear Wessels subplot, including pupil dilation and sporadic chuckling, while the Transparent Alumninum plot started her head nodding at approximately 10 second intervals. I find myself curious whether David Warner or Christopher Plummer will have a greater effect on subject's vigiliance... I predict Plummer."

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 12 2009 11:35

That's pretty close to how she reacted.


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