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[Comments] (2) More Star Trek IV Stuff: Sumana was falling asleep:

L: What was your favorite part of the movie?
S: When Star Trek was swimming with the whales.
L: Star Trek?
S: Spock. I meant Spock.

(That's also my favorite part of the movie.) Sumana also pointed out that the reconstituted Spock in ST:IV is pretty much the same as Data at the beginning of ST:TNG, before they rounded out his character.

One of the more understated bits of humor in that movie is that while most of the Enterprise crew can't function in the 20th century, Sulu does fine. He's from San Francisco and he knows about old machines, so he just does his job with no problems.

This movie also puts into perspective one of the more unrealistic parts of the new Star Trek movie; Kirk getting a command assignment straight out of the Academy. There's still no excuse for that, but the first four Trek movies show that Kirk is very good at being a starship captain and very bad at any other job. So it's really the best use of his talents, though you wouldn't know that ahead of time.


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