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[Comments] (8) : Added another 100 postcards to the pile. I'm going to keep going until I've done them all, rather than wait a year until the backlog runs out, because there are a few duplicate scans and I can eliminate them if I keep processing the postcards while they're fresh in my mind.


Posted by rachel at Tue Jun 16 2009 18:53

does this include susie's and my boxes too?

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jun 16 2009 21:54

No, Susanna's boxes are probably at her house and yours are probably also. I have two "Roy's Postcards" boxes and one "Leonard's Postcards" box.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 16 2009 22:30

I found mine, I have about 200 in my box, 4 of which say Rachel.

Posted by rachel at Wed Jun 17 2009 04:34

mine are in storage somewhere then. I bet they are at Uncle Garry's. I think I have some scanned.

Posted by Evan at Wed Jun 17 2009 14:11

I'll just say again, I am a huge fan of this project.
Okay then.

Posted by pedro at Wed Jun 17 2009 20:06

Yeah, me too.

Posted by rachel at Fri Jun 19 2009 05:47

I want to comment on postcards. the latest one: I thought it said "This is tuna San Felipe." Also, your signature hasn't changed.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 19 2009 11:11

Yeah, sisters at least should be able to comment. I agree, your handwriting hasn't changed much in the past 19 years.


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