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: The Center for Visual Music put together a $30 DVD of ten Oskar Fischinger films, which I bought even though it didn't have any of the films I specifically wanted. It's the only legit way to get copies of any of Fischinger's films, and all his stuff is great. The CVM sent this notice along with the DVD:


Public Performance rights are not included; the DVD may not be exhibited publicly, commercially or theatrically. The DVD may not be exhibited in museum or gallery exhibitions without obtaining additional licenses. The DVD or any of its contents may not be broadcast, cablecast or webcast in any manner. The DVD may not be duplicated, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part. The DVD may not be licensed to any institution or individual. The DVD may not be altered or excerpted in any way.

Here's the Oskar Fischinger quote from the DVD cover:

These films have no limitations on when they can be shown. Like a great work of music or a great painting, they will become more valuable with age. Because of its complete originality, this type of film knows no boundaries of time or fashion.
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