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[Comments] (6) Real Places: Today I heard a reference to Sherwood Forest and realized that I'd never thought of it as a real place, only as a setting for the story of Robin Hood. But it is a real place. Here it is. It's smaller than I imagined, but it's still a forest and not, say, a mall parking lot.

I can't think of any more places that I never thought of as real places. If you have a similar story to the one I just told, spill the beans or bean-shaped objects in comments.


Posted by Greg Knauss at Sun Jul 05 2009 16:46

New York City. I mean, come _on_. But, no, it's real.

Posted by Paul Wright at Sun Jul 05 2009 16:48

The bit with the visitor centre and the Major Oak which was allegedly Robin Hood's hideout, is further north than Google shows, in another 450 acre clump of trees which is also a remnant of the historical forest. The OS map does better than Google at showing features which aren't roads. There's also a holiday village nearby, with a pool area under a huge geodesic dome, where Robin Hood used to go on the water slides.

Posted by Paul Wright at Sun Jul 05 2009 16:54

Oops: working map link.

Posted by jacob at Mon Jul 06 2009 00:30

the mall in dawn of the dead (the non-remake) is a real mall, which is pretty obvious i guess...

Posted by Nathaniel at Tue Jul 07 2009 05:06

I have trouble remembering that astronautical photos are, like, photos, rather than some sort of fancy painting/CGI thing.


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