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[Comments] (1) : From clickolinko I found that Murray Leinster's 1946 short story "A Logic Named Joe", of this-entry fame and predictive-hit fame in general, is online to read for free. And it's as great as everyone says. Thanks, Baen! One-fifth of your atrocious cover designs are forgiven.


Posted by kirkjerk at Mon Jul 06 2009 14:29

Huh! Funny w/ the parallels to the Internet, distributed, networked. Except AI, so it works things out from first principles rather than just being an index over stuff people slapped up online.

Gotta be charmed, or alarmed, at thoughts likeL
"A logic workin' the Carson Circuit can no more make a mistake than any other kinda computin' machine."
I wonder when an awareness of the fallibility of computers came about, a recognition of the idea of how "Garbage In/Garbage Out" could interfere with even the "smartest" machine, even accepting the handwaving of the "Carson Circuits"


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