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[Comments] (7) : Well, that's my twenties. Thanks for your patronage these past 10 years. My Strange Horizons story should be published soon, and we'll see what happens in the 2009-2019 era.


Posted by Riana at Wed Jul 08 2009 23:58

May the next horizon be even stranger.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jul 09 2009 05:59

Happy birthday, sweetie. I trust you'll be even more awesome in the next decade than you were during the decade when I first got to know and love you.

I can't believe my luck in getting and keeping your attention, much less your love. If I stay lucky, if I keep getting better than I deserve, I'll be next to you in 2019, leaning my head on your shoulder when you post the follow-up.

The urge to be indescribably mushy is interfering with my ability to string together coherent sentences, so here's a yearning look, a brush of my hand across yours, and a clink of our two rings together, joining us across the miles and years.

Posted by Susie at Thu Jul 09 2009 09:37

Happy Birthday! I too trust you will be more awesome in the next decade. But with less mushiness on my part. =P

Posted by pedro at Thu Jul 09 2009 11:57

Happy Birthday Leonard! I have no doubt that your twenties were just a staging period for the explosive productivity of your Thirtizoic Era. At least, that's what these trilobites I have here seem to be indicating.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Thu Jul 09 2009 15:11

Hey, your age is still only five bits!

Have a great decade.

Posted by Evan at Thu Jul 09 2009 16:52

One piece (or era?) at a time Leonard! The 30s are great, and so are you. Bon anniversaire!@

Posted by Kristen at Sat Jul 11 2009 18:47

Happy Birthday!


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