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: On August 5th I went to a performance at NYU; Adam Parrish's "Digital Writing With Python" class was showing off their final projects, and only going there in person would get me close enough to the Python-drenched events of that night. But then I didn't write it up for a long time and Adam wrote it up with pictures and video. But I have pictures taken from the other side of the room! Advantage: blogosphere!

I want to mention a few things that Adam didn't cover. First, he reprinted one of Brian Jones's pharmaceutical acrostic poems ("Lipitor"), but I wanted to reprint my personal favorite, "Viagra":

Here's Brian's script, which uses Beautiful Soup, and some other poems.

Also, check out Sie Heun Cho's haiku movie trailers created from Youtube comment threads. That one is for "Bruno"; there was a better one for "Casablanca" that I didn't get a picture of.

Finally, if you're the kind of person who reads NYCB, you need to see Sara Bremen's You're Not Wrong, Barton, You're Just an Asshole: A Coen Brothers Python Mashup. Adam has video but the sound is kind of quiet. You can see part of the script here, and here's a shot of Sara and fellow students performing.

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