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[Comments] (3) : I just finished Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon. Could it be the best book I've ever read?

Update: I forgot to mention that if you read the Baroque Cycle, you should definitely read this book. (You'll also be able to read this book.)

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Posted by Evan at Mon Aug 03 2009 23:41


Posted by Leonard at Tue Aug 04 2009 09:04

Yeah, I sorted my LibraryThing catalog by ranking and it's better than pretty much everything else I gave 5 stars. "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" might be better, but the only fiction that seems as good are the Jest and Huckleberry Finn. HF is definitely better as social commentary, so maybe it's better overall.

Maybe my affection for M&D will fade a bit over time, but it's amazing.

Posted by Evan at Tue Aug 04 2009 11:19

Duly noted.


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