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[Comments] (5) Bread And Tuxes: Last week I heard about a nearby tuxedo rental place going out of business. They were offering a full tuxedo with shoes for $90. I've worn a tuxedo once in my life but that's cheap enough to hold in reserve in case an occasion of extreme fanciness presents itself.

The guy running the shop had been in business for thirty years and was shutting down because he got sick--I don't know if the problem was medical bills or if he just couldn't work anymore. I got the full tux as promised, and he also gave me an extra vest and two extra ties. I tried to pay him extra for this but he refused my filthy money. "The wholesalers come in and get it for nothing," he said. "I want to give it to the people."

The only downside is that my pants and jacket have little bar codes sewn into the inner lining, I guess for inventory tracking purposes back when they were rented out. Not the suavest of looks.


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