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[Comments] (3) In The Supermarket:
Don't refrigerate: eggs
Do refrigerate: canned tomatoes


Posted by Fafner at Mon Sep 21 2009 22:41

That is indeed strange. It reminds me of the bit in Strong Poison where a character says he can't possibly be responsible for making his dinner guest sick, because as soon as he noticed that one of his eggs had a crack in it, he made sure to tell the cook not to let it go any longer, but to cook it and serve it up that very night.

Posted by Susie at Tue Sep 22 2009 15:01

The egg lady at the farmer's market told me that once eggs have been refrigerated you have to keep them in the fridge.

Posted by pedro at Tue Sep 29 2009 09:44

I grew up on a hobby farm in Wisconsin. We used to keep chickens for the eggs, and we would keep them in cartons on the counter for weeks because there were too many eggs for the fridge. My dad insisted that we did not wash the eggs and said that healthy, unwashed eggs will keep at room temp for quite a while. I never got sick or got a rotten egg.


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