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[Comments] (2) Apples to Whatever: I came up with another AtA (or A2A, as we in the enterprise game business call it) variant: "Apples to Placebos". Unlike vanilla Apples to Apples, Apples to Placebos can be play with only two or three people. In each round, the non-judge players play a red card to be judged, but their cards must compete against random cards from the draw pile. The judge draws one (three players) or two (two players) placebo cards from the draw pile, shuffles them into the submitted cards, and then judges the cards normally. If the judge picks one of the placebo cards, nobody gets the point.

Bonus: from the A2A game at the New Years party last night: "I just realized that 'The IRS' spells 'Theirs'. I feel like a stand-up comic should have pointed this out to me long ago. 'Where'd my money go? It's not mine anymore, it's TheIRS.'"

My original Apples to Apples variant is still the best way to end a game of A2A--proved, yet again, last night.

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Posted by John at Sat Jan 02 2010 18:30

Re IRS joke, I've known it for years, but I guess I'm in the biz. Too bad I'm not funny by nature or I probably would have worked it into a conversation with you years ago.

Posted by Adam P. at Sun Jan 03 2010 15:49

I still can't believe I didn't win a single round (out of what, like thirty?). How should I feel about the fact that I made a computer program that plays Apples to Apples better than I do?


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