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[Comments] (2) HP Sauce: Possibly the greatest Lovecraft sentence ever (from "The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward"):

To call it a dull wail, a doom-dragged whine or a hopeless howl of chorused anguish and stricken flesh without mind would be to miss its most quintessential loathsomeness and soul-sickening overtones.

Reminds me of a night when Kris and I were doing everything in Lovecraft style, like the "My most embarrassing moment" column in Seventeen magazine.

At once I felt a hideous upwelling of blood from within my bowels, a red stream of ichor that flowed without measure into the white trousers I had just purchased at this dying town's dusty Mercantile.

Kris also came up with the ultimate dinner-table line: "If you'll excuse me, I have to go give vent to certain measured sounds."

On a related note, does anyone else find it uncanny that the spokesman for Nintendo of America in the 1980s was named Howard Phillips?

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Posted by Leonard at Thu Jan 28 2010 10:14

Another hilarious paper-writing-service spam comment on this entry:

"Various fields of people's life utilize a lot of time and money, therefore why should you expend life time for literature term paper accomplishing? This will be smart to utilize some paper writing service to order the definition essay from, I opine."

I can just imagine the kind of papers they write.

Posted by kirkjerk at Thu Jan 28 2010 11:26

I think you're life would be marginally more entertaining if less well-structured to think that all 4 of these guys are the same dude:

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