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[Comments] (1) KJ Kabza: A few weeks ago when we went to Boston, we attended a dinner party with people from Julia's writing group. It's difficult for me to imagine setting up a dinner party for my writing group; we have enough trouble all getting together for the writing group itself. Anyway, one of the people I met, KJ Kabza, turned out to be a fan of mine! (Well, a fan of "Awesome Dinosaurs".) I had a great conversation with him, and this weblog entry gives me a reason to link to his webpage so you can check out his writing.

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Posted by Julia at Thu Feb 04 2010 00:35

To be fair, that was a dinner party hosted by someone in my writing group, but not actually for my writing group. KJ was one of the only other members of the group at that dinner. Still, it was fantastic to see the reaction when he worked out which story you'd written. Yay for bringing cool people together! He's a pretty excellent writer himself.

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