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[Comments] (2) The Long Joke: In 2001 my sister Susanna sent me the birthday card you see before you. It said "Whee! You're 3 22!" I thought this was hilarious, and I kept the card.

Then Susanna had a daughter, and I had an idea. Recently Maggie turned three, and I gave my niece the birthday card Susanna had sent me eight years earlier. "Whee! You're 3 22 3!" The payoff was worth it. "I laughed for like 5 minutes," said Susanna.

Recently I was doing a video chat with Susanna and I mentioned:

L: So I'm jogging for an hour every day, and I realized I wasn't doing enough reading, so I decided I also needed to read for half an hour every day. And I also want to devote half an hour to games, though that's not as much of a problem. And I think I should also allocate at least half an hour for writing. But if I keep dividing up my free time like this then my whole life will be...

S: Organized?


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Posted by Susie at Fri Mar 12 2010 10:43

I'm glad you thought the card was hilarious. You are so funny, that I am always so proud when I can make you laugh. Seriously, I remember making you laugh in the backseat of the Saturn in traffic on the 110, probably in 1999 as we were also discussing my SAT scores.

Posted by rachel at Fri Mar 12 2010 12:03

your SAT scores were that funny? =p

who could have also know that Maggie would be so obsessed with Piglet? Oh wait, she's her mother's daughter...

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