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Now Appearing: Hey, I gotta tell you about three public appearances I'm making in the near future, breaking my normal Pynchonesque isolation. This Saturday, Sumana and I are going on Jim Freund's "Hour of the Wolf" science fiction radio talk show. At five in the freaking morning. We'll be talking about Thoughtcrime Experiments, I'll read from ...Awesome Dinosaurs a bit, and then there will be a call-in portion. I highly recommend listening/calling in if you're up that early. Maybe you're in town for the MOCCA festival and you can't sleep?

OK, that's in New York. On April 26th I'm going to be in Raleigh giving a paper at the WS-REST subconference of WWW2010. You probably already know if you're going, and I honestly don't recommend buying your own ticket--I had to, and it's damn expensive--but I thought I'd mention it. The true title of my paper is "Developers Like Hypermedia, But They Don't Like Web Browsers"; the title you see on the schedule was camouflage to make my paper look more academic when I submitted it.

And then while I'm in Raleigh, on the 27th I'm talking at the Triangle Zope and Python Users Group. Thanks to my co-workers Gary Poster and Brad Crittenden for setting this up. I'll probably give two mini-talks: I'm planning on "Six Years of Beautiful Soup", then a run through the maturity model heard 'round the world. Then, your questions.

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