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Crummy.com Podcasts: Sedermasochism Part 3: OK, time to give you the hard sell: this episode of Sedermasochism is like the first two except there's more singing and everyone's more drunk. It picks up with the after-dinner macaroons and continues until the Seder is over and Sumana convinces me to shut off the voice recorder. 33 minutes. Subscribe to the crummy.com podcast feed, why don't you.

Beautiful Soup Two very minor bugfixes in this release. Remember, I'll be giving a talk on (among other things) the history of Beautiful Soup at TriZPUG in Raleigh on the 27th.

Hour Of The Wolf Reminder: Tomorrow at 5 AM Eastern Sumana and I will be on the air on The Hour of the Wolf on WBAI--you can stream and call in, or listen to it later. After a quick timing test today, I can confirm (or at least assert) that I will be reading Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs on the air. We'll also be talking a lot about Thoughtcrime Experiments and the process of putting together the anthology.


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