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[Comments] (2) Crummy.com Podcasts: Voiceover Apprentice: In today's episode, the crummy.com podcasts sell out and play you commercials. Specifically, a Zenith television commercial from 1978, which we found from our buddy bobtwcatlanta. Live the dream! Subscribe to the RSS feed!

This podcast is less than two minutes long, a sorbet after the huge Seder podcast. Don't-miss links: a sequel to the Zenith ad we discuss. PS: I spent a medium-sized amount of time converting and pasting in the original commercial audio rather than giving you the sound of it playing on our TV, so appreciate it, dammit.

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Posted by Julia at Fri Apr 16 2010 10:22

I think I may have to link to this WITH THE TWITTER.

Posted by Camille at Thu Apr 22 2010 07:57

How did I miss this podcast series? Will have to go back to the archives. Favorite phrase from this one: "voiceover apprenticeship". That just screams out for a parody commercial posted on Youtube.

The commercial for Bones on FoxLife channel back in Europe is something I need to send you:

"They call her Bones
Because she work with Bones
But she also does other stuff too"

I am not lying. I am making myself a mental note to record it for you.

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