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[Comments] (3) : I spend today on the train to Raleigh, testing the question: "how long does the train ride have to be before I wish I'd taken an airplane instead?" Tomorrow I give my WS-REST talk about surprising ways my web service users responded (or didn't) to my design decisions. On Tuesday, I'm at the Triangle Zope and Python Group trying to cram in two talks: "Six Years of Beautiful Soup" and "How To Recognize Different Types of Web Services from Quite A Long Way Away".


Posted by Ian Bicking at Sun Apr 25 2010 13:51

So... what's the answer? Longer than however that train ride was?

Posted by rachel at Sun Apr 25 2010 13:53


Posted by Leonard at Sun Apr 25 2010 22:05

The train ride was 10 hours. Since a plane ride also effectively wipes out a whole day for me, it's a draw in terms of wasted time, and the experience is much nicer. I think I might prefer planes coming back: we'll see in phase two experiment.

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