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[Comments] (5) Coming Soon: Hey, things are happening. We finally found an apartment and signed a lease; we move soonish. Novel work is going amazingly well: I'm going to Utah tomorrow to see my niece and nephew, and depending on how I spent my time on the plane I might be done with the first draft by the time I come back. Then it'll just be a matter of making the first half of the book as awesome as the second half. I've also got audio of my WWW2010 talk and my TriZPUG talks to put up--don't think I've forgotten.

Regular readers of NYCB will know my longstanding interest in World's Fairs. There's a World's Fair going on right now, in Shanghai, but it's called "Shanghai World Expo 2010" so people don't realize it's the freaking World's Fair. Tell your friends!

If you're in New York anytime soon, check out the Japan Society's exhibition of Utagawa Kuniyoshi surreal prints from the mid-1800s that filled the same cultural niche as comic books do today. It's great stuff--if there's not a giant monster in a given print, someone's got a tattoo of a giant monster or is wearing a fabric pattern with a giant monster on it. We went there last week with Camille. And then yesterday we went to Camille's wedding--way to go, Camille! (Camille was one of the three guests at my and Sumana's wedding. Andy and Nandini are still single, but once they get married, we'll have wedding transitive closure! (pedantic note: not really))


Posted by Fafner at Sun May 09 2010 22:49

Yay! Congrats on the apartment!

Posted by rachel at Mon May 10 2010 05:07

hooray on all of the above!

Posted by Susie at Mon May 10 2010 10:27

Your wording implies Andy and Nandini may marry each other.

Can't wait to see you! Oh, wait, you're not visiting Me, just the kids. ;)

Posted by Leonard at Mon May 10 2010 11:59

Man, I can't win. I tried really hard to avoid the impression that Andy and Nandini would marry each other.

Posted by Andy H. at Mon May 10 2010 19:15

The word 'each' would probably have helped.

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