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Utah Update, and Tourist Kitsch: Maggie and Dalton: still cute. Maggie now recognizes me, and refers to me as "Uncle Leonard", which is nice. (I hope she doesn't think that's my legal name.)

I found out that Maggie like postcards, like her grandfather, so on Sunday after brunch, Evan and I wandered around Manhattan looking for a tourist shop. In retrospect I probably could have bought a Statue of Liberty postcard at the airport, but the last time I decided "I'll just buy this stereotypical souvenir at the airport" (I ♥ NY T-shirt) I got ripped off. And this way I got to see the largest collection of tiny New York-themed snow globes ever. I think they must now be making snow globes that contain less than 3 ounces of liquid.

Also seen at the tourist shop: postcards for other cities like Chicago. Barack Obama kitsch, including a postcard that mashes up the presidential portrait with a picture of the New York skyline. "Barack Obama ♥ NY." I'm sure he does--he went to college here--but... that's kitschy. And for disgruntled right-wingers, the ever-popular politically-themed fake dollar bills.

Stick to (non-mashup) postcards, folks. The classy souvenir. And if you want Barack Obama kitsch, head to Union Square. They're still selling it, and it's more creative than the stuff in the tourist shop.

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