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[Comments] (1) Ghostbusters:

"Hey, I'm from the EPA. We heard you were running a nuclear reactor in this building."
"Yes, that's right, an experimental breeder reactor."
"Are you nuts? You can't operate a nuclear reactor in Manhattan! What if it melts down? We're here to force you to shut it down right now!"
"You can't just shut down a nuclear reactor! You'll cause a meltdown!"
"Too bad! Shuttin' it down!"

Every time I see Ghostbusters I think, this is the most idiot-y Idiot Plot scene ever.

[Update for those who haven't seen Ghostbusters: this is not a direct quote from one of the scenes, but an analogous scene I wrote to throw the idiocy into relief by removing the paranormal element.]


Posted by Jason Scott at Tue May 18 2010 13:17

It's definitely one of the biggies!

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