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[Comments] (3) Better Broadband?: Is there an ISP in New York that gives any advantage (price, performance, service, privacy) over the big oligopolists? I hear Speakeasy used to be good, but then they were acquired by Best Buy, which seems like the single most efficient way to ruin something. Is it still good? Any other options? Astroturfers welcome!


Posted by Zack at Fri May 21 2010 00:41

Speakeasy was acquired by Best Buy?! News to me, and sad news if so. They've done well by us here in San Diego and I was probably going to stick with them when we move up to Mountain View next month, just to not have to give Comcast money.

Posted by Leonard at Fri May 21 2010 05:23

It's entirely possible that, even in the clutches of Best Buy, Speakeasy is still better than Comcast.

Posted by Kevin Mark at Sat May 22 2010 08:44

Bway.net has been a friend to NYCwireless
and pilosoft has been a friend to NYLUG

Bway IIRC has anonymous DSL. Joe, not the CEO,is into Digital politics.

pilosoft is run by a smart russian dude, Alex, who runs a tight ship and knows his stuff.

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