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[Comments] (8) 100% Completion: The first draft of my novel is complete! At 91,500 words, it's five times longer than the longest fiction I'd written up to this point. Now that I've finished a draft, I can tell you the name of the story without feeling like that'll jinx it: it's called Constellation Games.

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Posted by Greg Knauss at Sat Jun 12 2010 16:01


Posted by Fafner at Sat Jun 12 2010 17:18

Yes, congrats! Very cool. I can't wait 'til it's published and I can read it.

Posted by Susie at Sat Jun 12 2010 20:21


Posted by Brendan at Sat Jun 12 2010 20:34

I want one.

Posted by Evan at Sat Jun 12 2010 22:24

nice! congrats!

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Posted by Yatima at Sun Jun 13 2010 05:24

HUZZAH! My incessant demands for Leonard Space Opera have been met!

Posted by kirkjerk at Mon Jun 14 2010 15:25

w00tie w00t!

Posted by Emile at Mon Jun 14 2010 16:51

I am SO looking forward to this making it out into the world where I can read it.


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