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[Comments] (2) She-Hulk Tie-In: When I was in Boston Kirk showed me a few of his favorite games of the 2000s, including the Gamecube tie-in game for the Incredible Hulk movie. Kirk mentioned how he liked the game's dreamlike atmosphere of running up the sides of buildings, throwing helicopters, etc.

I was not as impressed. But this entry is not about how difficult it is to impress me. Instead I wanted to share my awesome idea for a She-Hulk tie-in game. It would be a courtroom adventure game like Phoenix Wright, except funnier and with the occasional fit of smashing. I can almost taste it--the only thing preventing me is the fact that video games generally have no flavor. It's such a great idea it would almost be worth having a terrible She-Hulk movie made so that this game could be the tie-in.

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Posted by kirkjerk at Mon Jan 25 2010 13:09

You forgot the leaping - that's a big part of the dreamlike thing for me, the bounding, consecutive leaps.

Recently I discovered the new Wii Fit Plus has a minigame where you are balanced on the Wii board, flapping your arms for altitude, and leaning to steer. Now *that's* dreamlike, or at least, wish fulfillment... the game is simplistic target landing but still.

I still wish for a port of "Prop Cycle" or similar, an exercise bike attached to a console, with exploration or combat being an incentive to keep on spinning--

She-Hulk would be pretty awesome tho, especially w/ some extra 4th wall breaking.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jan 25 2010 13:51

SHE-HULK SMASH fourth wall!

An exercise bike with triggers and analog sticks instead of brakes on the handlebars would be cool. You could make rails shooters for it.


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