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: Something interesting happened to me yesterday, and I will write about it--let's say, tomorrow--but right now I'm just going to tell you that I just reached the halfway point in my second-draft revisions for Constellation Games. I think I've reached the point in the text where I can stop totally rewriting half the scenes, and I'm going to try really hard to complete the second draft in time for next month's writing group. Depending on how it's received and what happens on the business side, you might start reading it early next year. (Assuming you want to read it--I won't make you.)

Some data points: The first draft was 96,500 words. Halfway through the second draft I'm at 112,400 words. This is due to characterization and such. I don't think I'll be adding another sixteen thousand words to the second half of the novel, but it could go up to 120k or so.

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