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[Comments] (6) : The year 2011 has the same days of the week as (for instance) the year 3431. I should be able to buy a year-3431 calendar and pretend to live in the future. I think there would be a small market for such things.

(I already pretend to live in the future, but would be easier with a little cooperation from the wall calendar.)


Posted by Susie at Mon Oct 18 2010 10:08

Why don't you buy a 2011 calendar, and I will scrapbook a new year over the existing date for you?

Posted by Kris Straub at Mon Oct 18 2010 11:58

I had the exact same idea for a Starslip calendar recently but I don't know how well printed calendars sell!

Posted by Leonard at Mon Oct 18 2010 20:44

They sell pretty well if Sumana's buying! She bought about four at the Smithsonian.

Posted by Ben Heaton at Tue Oct 19 2010 04:35

That works with a really basic calendar, but what if you want accurate information on moon phases and Jewish holidays and such? Depending on the amount of detail you need, the choice of future years could get highly constrained pretty fast.

Posted by jacob at Mon Oct 25 2010 23:13

the two previous years i made calendars (2001, 2007) the dates matched up perfectly. and on the earlier calendar i wrote "will be good again in 2007". once person saved it, and refused calendar 2. fair enough!

anyway i'm making calendars for mothers news this year! maybe each month will be for a different year in the past or future? march 1538 will be followed by april 6163? or... will that be too goddamn confusing?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Oct 27 2010 10:12

I don't think it'll be confusing at all. A nice sampler of history.

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