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: Went to Lucian's house yesterday to watch Star Wars on VHS. I noticed this interesting tidbit, which I think deserves to be much better known: the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal looks a lot like the crates they use in Star Wars.

Earlier in the week, a conversation with a friend who shall remain nameless:

Leonard: So Lucian is now really into Babylon 5. Which is understandable because the character arcs are so great.
Friend: Yeah, I saw some of that when it was airing, it was pretty good.
L: Can I give you an example? Like, you don't mind spoilers?
F: Yeah, I'm not gonna see it.
L: [Explains his favorite Babylon 5 character arc in some detail.]
F: I like Baltar.
L: That's Battlestar Galactica.
F: Oops.
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