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: Sumana and I saw this old casting letter from ST:TNG and started brainstorming ideas for re-casting ST:TNG with today's actors. (Wil Wheaton as Riker: too much to hope for?)

It all went downhill once Sumana suggested casting Dulé Hill as Geordi La Forge. I think Dulé Hill would make a better Data, but this never came up because somehow we got the incorrect idea that Dulé Hill is two years younger than Levar Burton was when he started doing TNG, and started coming up with strategies to compensate for the age difference:

"Well, we could wait a couple years to do our imaginary remake of Nextgen."

"Or, we could clone Dulé Hill, and since memory is genetic, we can age the clone at an accelerated rate while maintaining his acting ability."

"He could contract the aging virus that Dr. Pulaski got, and get cured after five minutes."

"He could breach the singularity of a Romulan warbird and spend some time in one of the areas where time runs faster."

"We could cast the rest of the show, then they could spend two years in a transporter pattern buffer, the way Scotty did in 'Relics'."

"Or they could live through the three-day time loop from 'Cause and Effect' over and over again."

"We could do a controlled version of what happened to Crewman Daniels when he became unstuck in time and his body was aging at different rates."

"He could move to the planet from 'Children of Time', and we could cast one of his descendants."

"He could wait two years and come back to the present day through the Guardian of Forever."

"Or use the slingshot effect."

"We could create a holographic representation of what Dulé Hill will look like in two years, then hire it when it inevitably achieves sentience."

"We could cause a quantum fissure like in "Parallels" and mine alternate realities for one in which Dulé Hill was born two years earlier."

"If we need him to be more mature as an actor, not necessarily older, he could spend two subjective years in his own head, like those aliens did to O'Brien in 'Hard Time'."

"Or he could run into that probe from 'The Inner Light' and gain a whole lifetime of experience."

"He could acquire a Trill symbiont that's two years old."

"He could use temporary cosmetic surgery to make him look like a human, when he's actually a slightly younger human."

"We could use a telepathic trick or an addictive video game to trick the whole world into thinking Dulé Hill is two years older than he really is."

"We could do a new animated series and just have him do the voice."

"The Traveller could do something."

"If Q were around he could do it by changing the gravitational constant."

"Isn't there something we can do with relativity?"

"There's no relativity in Star Trek."

Unfortunately, I ruined the whole thing by checking IMDB:

"Wow, Dulé Hill was born in 1975! He's thirty-five!"

"How old was Levar Burton in 1987?"

"Only thirty! It's a temporal paradox!"

"So Dulé Hill needs to become younger."

"There can be only one answer: reproduce the transporter accident from 'Rascals'."

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