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[Comments] (1) Tiny Youtube Party: In honor of Bach's birthday, an animation showing how the Crab Canon works.

In honor of awesome things, a 17-minute infomercial for the Univac. (Univac!) They're especially proud of having invented the numeric keypad. Also check out the enormous machine that reads from magnetic tape and writes to punch card, and the equally enormous machine that reads punch cards and writes to magnetic tape.

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Posted by Riana at Mon Mar 22 2010 08:27

So I was thinking, about the radio and TV museum: this is a pretty run-of-the-mill request, but do they have information about the Heinlein stories that were dramatized over the radio, way back when? I remember in the mid-'90s listening to some that I spent ages downloading from a "Golden Age of Radio" website an Internet friend of mine helped run, but I forget now which stories they were.


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