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[Comments] (1) Micro Matzah: Sumana and I went to Beth's Passover Seder yesterday. More about the Seder later, but I wanted to mention this matzah thing. See, I was in charge of making the chicken soup, and I decided to make a lot of small matzah balls instead of ~1 huge matzah ball per person. Because when I get soup at a deli I hate having to carve off a bit of that matzah bolus with every spoonful of soup I eat.

I told Beth about this plan and she said that matzah balls are traditionally made small. You only find huge matzah balls in delis (we decided this was for ease of portioning). I didn't know this because I'd only had matzah ball soup from delis, and from my mother, who'd probably only had it from delis. My crankiness unwittingly led to the fulfillment of tradition. So take a tip from Beth and me: small matzah balls means better soup.

Also, the Hillel sandwich is surprisingly good for something that sounds like a theorem in topology.


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