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[Comments] (3) Fourth of July Party Pun:

"Can I take your bowl?"
"No, I'm going to eat more in it."
"Are you British?"

Useless graph:

[Comments] (4) : Remember a couple weeks ago when I was sick? That never really went away. Fortunately, I'm now on a different course of antibiotics, I'm lying around on the couch instead of trying to do work, and feeling all right.

I'm also thirty-one years old today. In order to feel less old I'm reading Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle by Steven Jay Gould (one of only a couple of his books I haven't read). Afterwords I'll do some novel revisions, assuming that doesn't seem too much like "work". I also shaved my beard. This is Leonard's exciting life!!!

[Comments] (4) : I'm in Prague! Bet you didn't expect that! It's for work, but I have today to look around. The subway system is great!

Reviewed!: Locus has a review of the Retro Spec anthology (out in September), including a tiny spoiler-filled review of my story, "The Day Alan Turing Came Out".

: I did my impression of Richard Ayoade. Sumana said it sounded more like Robin Leach. I believe this merely demonstrates that their voices are more similar than you might have thought.

[Comments] (2) : Where's my book on the Fermi Paradox?

[Comments] (5) Name That (This) Game: While writing a new scene for Constellation Games I came up a game that's like strip poker, except that instead of taking off your clothes when you lose a hand, you replace your clothes with opposite-gendered clothes. The current name of the game is "Cross-Dressing Antistrip Poker". I'm trying to think of a name that's closer to the "Texas Hold 'Em" part of the spectrum--something that alludes to what makes this game special but focuses more on color than on flat descriptiveness. Ideas?

(It's possible that Cross-Dressing Antistrip Poker already exists and has a good name, but on the Internet as it exists now, it's not possible to find reliable information on such things.)


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