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[Comments] (5) Name That (This) Game: While writing a new scene for Constellation Games I came up a game that's like strip poker, except that instead of taking off your clothes when you lose a hand, you replace your clothes with opposite-gendered clothes. The current name of the game is "Cross-Dressing Antistrip Poker". I'm trying to think of a name that's closer to the "Texas Hold 'Em" part of the spectrum--something that alludes to what makes this game special but focuses more on color than on flat descriptiveness. Ideas?

(It's possible that Cross-Dressing Antistrip Poker already exists and has a good name, but on the Internet as it exists now, it's not possible to find reliable information on such things.)


Posted by Yatima at Sat Jul 24 2010 21:26

Knockdown Dragout
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits
Victor Victoria
Twelfth Night

Posted by Evan at Sun Jul 25 2010 01:43

Nice. I like 'knockdown dragout'.

Posted by kirkjerk at Mon Jul 26 2010 08:47

Damn, that stuff from Yatima was a lot more clever than what I was thinking, variants of "Texas Hold 'Em" -- couldn't think of a place really associated with crossdressing besides San Franscisco, and it was just downhill from there.

FWIW "Knockdown Dragout" and "Orlando" ring the most true to my unpokered ears.

Posted by The Dread Pirate Neck Beard at Fri Jul 30 2010 04:57

Ha, I was going to suggest "Tootsie", but I see that "Priscilla" basically covers that.

Posted by jacob at Thu Aug 05 2010 00:43

my vote goes to knockdown dragout. Twelfth Night gets my vote for vice-name.

i played this game (or something like it), years ago when a housemate got rid of all her flashy crazy party sexy and general weird clothes- feather boas, corsets (2), union suits (2), vinyl skirts, etc.. we just called it reverse strip poker. when we ran out of clothes to bet there was a mustache round, where the losers got magic marker mustaches. the key part of our game was right at the onset, we all agreed to hang out in whatever we ended up with at the end of the game, for 2 hours.


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