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[Comments] (3) Fourth of July Party Pun:

"Can I take your bowl?"
"No, I'm going to eat more in it."
"Are you British?"


Posted by kirkjerk at Tue Jul 06 2010 16:40

I...I don't get it, alas.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jul 06 2010 21:30

Brits often use "innit" to turn a statement into a question. "I'm going down the shops, innit?" Etc. So it sounded like "No, I'm going to eat more, innit?"

I don't know the exact semiotics, but I get the feeling "innit" is not the poshest bit of slang.

Posted by kirkjerk at Wed Jul 07 2010 10:58

Yeah, I knew about "Innit" - it's interesting how stridently agrammatical it is.

I think the "4th of July" caption started me thinking in terms of Colonial Independence etc, so I had little chance of seeing the (fairly subtle and/or obscure) pun lurking there...


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